Caravan Bug

Homeland:Temperate and Tropical Woodlands.

You wander the world, finding food and spreading your people. You often trade with th Whisps and Gnorls, and even occassionaly the Sniper Bugs. Now you spend your time travelling in the lands of the Big Ones, seeing interesting things, and trying to help your people.

Physical Characteristics: 3" tall, 8-10 ounces. Six legs, stands on hind legs, long pointed head.

Special Abilities: All attacks are DR1


INT -6

PER +6


CHA -2

STR -13

DEX +10

CON -10

SPD +10

CR +2

MR -5

HP 3


Survival +14

Animal Handling +5

Sharpened Stick +2

Climbing +2

Caravan Master +8

Caravan Bug, Native

Low Talislan(spoken only), Basic

Equipment: One pack-bug, sharpened stick, carrying pack made of leaves and twigs, a few simple items made from sticks leaves and nutshells.

Wealth: 10 lumens in nectar and rare herbs.


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