Draconid Archetype

Homeland: Volcanic Hills, wastelands, ruins.

"What an interesting item. May I see it."

You can't understand why those big creatures are so interested in you. So what if you can sense this thing they call magic. Why should they be interested in it? You feel a great warmth and happiness when you are near this magic, but they appear to feel no such thing. At least there is always plenty of magic wherever you go with them.

Physical Characteristics:8"-12" long, 1-3 lbs. Skin various shades of bright red, yellow, and orange. Spiked tail, long thin fins all along back and head.

Special Abilities:Flight, detect magical emanations (range 20 ft.), incapable of speaking most humanoid languages (but can understand them.) Bite: DR:2, plus searing pain (roll vs. WIL or be incapacitated for 1-4 rounds.)


INT -3

PER +5

WIL +2

CHA +1

STR -8

DEX +6

CON -3

SPD +3

CR 0

MR 0

HP 7


Tracking +6

Survival +8

Climbing +3

Brawling +4

Aerial Combat +4

Draconid, Native

Low Talislan, Basic

Equipment: None

Wealth: None


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