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Here are some enchanted items for the Rajans which Tipop sent me. Enjoy

Masque of the Dying Breath

A ghoulish skull-like mask, carved from the skull of a shaddinn, that is worn in the same fashion as the normal iron mask of the necromacer-priests. This one is enchanted, however, to emit a small cloud of gas 3/day from the mouth of the mask. This foul gas will cause anyone who breaths it to fall immobile for d10 minutes, unable to move under their own volition.

The priests of Death use this effect to immobilise their sacrafices. The gas does not prevent the subject from feeling the agony of the procedure, and the victims eyes reveal their suffering, at least until the grisly work is done.

Game mechanics: Conjuration mode, 10th level effect for ten cubic feet of the gas. Targets must make a CON check at -3 to resist. (The penalty being 1/3 of the level of the spell, taking a cue from the Alter mode.)


"Executioner's Reward"

A unique magic item, this is a shadinn's axe which was enchanted sixty years ago by Az'aragok, a particularly viscious rajani necromancer-priest. He created it for his loyal servant Vilgor, a shadinn executioner who shared his master's predilection for excessive cruelty.

The blade of the axe was enchanted so that whenever it was used to decapitate the soul of the victim would be drawn into it, there to suffer additional torment until such time as the wielder decided to release the pain-maddened spirit at a target.

It is said that years later Az'aragok was found in his study, decapitated. Neither his head nor his faithful servant Vilgor were ever seen in Rajanistan again.

Game mechanics: Summon mode, 12th level. Newly freed spirit may make a Will roll at a -12 penalty to resist the draw.

While the axe holds a soul it is +4 to damage and emits a ghostly radiance. Each time it strikes a target a faint wail of agony can be heard.

When the spirit is released, it deals 12hp damage once, expending the last of it's spiritual energies, and then disipitates into the ether.


Rajani Warbird

This is a rare enchanted "item" used long ago by the cult. A hunting avir of some kind is killed, but it's body left intact. Then a suitably prepared vird or slave of some kind is also slain, but before his soul can go on to the next realm, it is drawn back into the body of the Avir.

The undead warbird so created is fearsome, it's physical attributes enhanced by the magic of the summoning, while it's mind is still that of the slave.

Game mechanics: Summon mode again, the level can be any. For every three levels of the enchantment, +1 on Str and Con of the bird. The bird automatically loses -3 on Dex and Speed, however. If the slave is properly prepared (ie brainwashed) beforehand, then the cult will have an eternal guardian who is more than a zombie.