Homeland: Anywhere on the continent.

"You fools are so watesful. But you leave the best food laying around."

The 'civilized races', and even those who are not so civilized, hunt your people like animals. Simply because you kill their animals, take their food, and fight back when they hunt you, they think you are savage and unintellegent, They are the stupid ones. They are concerned with so many strange things. You know the true way of life: survival. You are only concerned with surviving. Anything else is unnecessary.

Physical Characteristics: 6'-6'8", 140-175 lbs. Skin is of color appropriate to habitat, large sail-like crests, wings. reptillian form and features, long tail.

Special Abilities:Able to thrive in practically any environment, heat and cold do only half damage, flight, amphibious. Claws: DR4, Bite: DR6.


All are 0

HP 24


Survival +10

Swim +4

Brawling +6

Climbing +5

Tracking +6

Aerial Combat +3

Ravenger, Native

Low Talislan, Basic



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