Sniper Bug

Homeland:Zandu, Silvanus, Werewood, parts of Arim and Yrmania.

"Whisps approache....prepare to attack."

The whisps are evil. You have learned this ever since you became an adult. You must kill them. You do not ask why. You simply do. Defend the platoon, kill the whisps. It is your life.

Physical Characteristics: 3"-4" tall, 8-10 ounces. Six legs, spiked shell, forked tail, flat head with large eyes, two antennae, and three furry 'feelers' protruding from mouth.

Special Abilities: All attacks are DR1.



PER +6

WIL +1

CHA -2

STR -15

DEX +11

CON -10

SPD +11

CR +4

MR -10

HP 3


Spear-or-Bow +4

Brawling +1

Climbing +3

Survival +12

Sniper Bug, Native

Low Talislan(spoken only), Basic

Equipment: Bow and quiver with 10 arrows, or 3 spears.


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