Welcome to the Library at Jalaad.

As you step through the doors, an elderly Callidian greets you. He then leads you through the door into the Library. You step inside, and are instantly amazed at the great array of information contained in these halls. Stone tablets, metal tablets, scrolls, books and enchanted orbs contain the lore of the ages. Perhaps you can find what you seek here.

The Index of the Library

The Arcane Archives: Where the knowledge of ancient sorcerers may be found
The Cultural Chronicles of Archaeus: Records of the many peoples of Talislanta
Legends and Lore of Talislanta: Here lie the records of adventurers who have gone before.
The Random Records: Here in ancient shelves are the many records which the Callidians cannot classify.
The Maps of Mysterious Realms: These shelves will lead the way to other realms of knowledge
The Logbook of the Library: Here you can record your visit to the Library, and make comments about our stores of knowledge.

The Library Information Desk


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