The Maps

As you pick up the maps you realize that they lead to strange places far beyond the Library. Perhaps these realms will hold the knowledge you seek, which you have not found here.

The Maps of Mysterious Realms

The Official Tal 10th Website
This is the official site for the Talislanta 10th anniversary edition.
Tipop's Tal page
Includes the Tal 10th beta test, and quite a bit of other stuff. Go there now!
Temple of the Seven Moons
This website has great links, and the Crucible archives.
Codex of the Moons
Psygoblins talislanta page, it has lots of great original info.
Talislanta Central
This is possibly the best Tal site I have ever found, with tons of original information from many authors.
Through the Witchgate
This site connects to The Parthehthius Volumes, and Sanctum Alcedon.
Tamar Zine
The home of the official Talislanta zine. Check it out!
The Minotaur's Talislanta Page
Lots of information on published Tal material, some links, and some original Tal info.
Talislantan Imports
Ania's page, with a bunch of stuff by Psygoblin.
Tamar (not the zine)
Look for the Low Talislan font.
Wilson's Talislanta Notebook
This site is mostly about the Green&Gold mercantile company. Haven't been able to connet lately, so I don't know if there's anything new there.
Necromancer's Talislanta Site
A site about Tal miniatures.
John Harper's Tal Page
A page with original Archetypes, house rules, and the Kang Civil War campaign. All from the co-author of Tal 10th!
Freefrog's Talislanta Area
A site with great windship designs by the frog.
Heart of Shabaal
A cool Harryhausenish Talislanta adventure, by Dale Mitchell.
Yet another rpg page...
Dale Mitchell's Tal page, with some original art.
Not yet...
The beggining of the Shootingiron Tal page. Currently has the new version of KCW, and the preview of the Tal Explorer's Companion.